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Who We Are

The people of OCC are of varied background and theologies who share the basic belief that every person must follow Jesus the Christ as he or she is personally lead by the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

We are a group of Christians assembled to worship God through Jesus Christ His Son.  

We celebrate weekly Communion in our morning service in keeping with the book of Acts.  Church membership is not required to take part in the communion service.

We believe in congregational autonomy whereby the individual local congregation makes all the decisions concerning the life of the church body.

We baptize through "believer's baptism" by immersion.  This understanding is that the baptismal candidate makes the conscious decision of his or her own free will to follow the lordship of Jesus.

We strive to worship as Christ directs in his Word. 

We encourage everyone to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior; to believe in Christ, repent,  confess Christ, be baptized into Christ  and be faithful in worship and service to the Lord, as the scriptures teach in the New Testament.