Ball State University

Campus House

Ball State Christian Campus House are members of the Christian Student Foundation. In addition to their campus ministry, they have been able to serve the Muncie community and had the opportunity to lead worship for several different churches, youth retreats, etc.

Weekday Religious Education        of Cass County

The Weekday Religious Education program is a released-time Christian educational program, in which students in first, second, and third grades in the public school system, leave regular classes on school time in order to attend 30 minutes of religious instruction each week.

Purdue Christian

Campus House

Purdue Christian Campus House is a non-denominational church community in the heart of Purdue’s campus comprised of undergrad and graduate students, young professionals, and families who desire to follow Jesus and grow in their faith.

Hammonds in Haiti

The Hammond family are missionairies serving in Haiti. Their motto is “Better Together”. They believe when we are all about God’s mission in the world, we are all better together than any attempt we could make individually.

The Ark Christian Ministries

The Ark Christian Ministries provides creative ways for individuals to grow and develop into world changers by creating communities of Grace where God is in charge.

OCC Gives Back

The purpose of the Church is to evangelize the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. One of the ways we fulfill our purpose as Christians and the Church is by giving back. Many may question or even struggle with how we can accomplish this purpose of sharing the gospel and making disciples of the entire world from the middle of the cornfields of Indiana.   We accomplish this by supporting the work of Christians and organizations called to work in other places, many far away from Onward, Indiana. By supporting these organizations with our resources, we become a part of the worldwide effort of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.   You will see that the missions we support are very different in their makeup, the nature of their work and even in the people and regions in which they do their work. But they share a common theme; they are all working to make disciples for Jesus Christ. As we support them, we too are working to make disciples of the whole world.